Difference between BW 4.5.7 and Alc120 burning SD 2(.9)

Hi ppl,
just a simple question:
where is the difference when burning a sd 2.9 protected game with alc ('till now it has worked every time for me), i mean, does it use another method of reading/writing the cd than bw 4.5.7 does?
i never made a backup of sd using bw, but i wonder if bw makes “better” sd-copys…
and: when using alcohol i read cd’s using 4x, burning them using 16x and they work perfectly…
i use a plex premium (firmware 1.05)…

there should only be small differences, between the ways alcohol 120% reads/writes and the way bw reads/writes (now emulation is another thing)
they should make equally good backups
why dont you try bw :slight_smile: