Difference between bulk and retail version of the BenQ 1620



I would like to buy a BenQ 1620 at my favourite computer store for 56€. It’s a bulk drive. Now I see that there are different firmwares for bulk and retail drives. That indicates some hardware differences. Are these differences relevant for overall quality?


No hardware differences !!!
Please do a little search, you will find many threads talking about this issue.


There is no difference in the hardware its just the firmware naming of the drive that differes between retail and bulk. The Bulk will appear as Atapi 16x16x4x4 or something like the while the Retail will appear as BenQ DD 1620. Of course you can cross flash bulk to retail or retail to bulk with no problems if you really want.


Many thanks, for the information.


By the way, one major difference is the front bezel: 1620 Retail has one of the ugliest fronts I’ve ever seen and 1620 OEM has a cute bezel (Philips 1640 OEM shares the same nice front bezel).

If anyone disagrees, I’ll happily exchange by mail my retail front for a OEM :slight_smile:

Benq and Philips should look at LG, Plextor or even Pionner and create decent fronts for their drives. Benq already has the best hardware now it only needs a “pretty face”.


Funny thing is according to Benq Canada the bulk drive doesn’t have the “Benq” brand name on the front panel while the retail drive does. Well, mine doesn’t have “Benq” on the front yet it has B7C9 firmware (which is a retail firmware) when I got it. I didn’t even need to cross flash anything. Also, it appears to be made in Malaysia in august, 2004. I guess I was lucky then since I heard a lot of those made in China benq drives have QC problems.


Yours is a retail. Mine came out with G7Z9 firmware and did not have “BenQ” written on it. Of course I crossflashed it and it is working great.