Difference between AutoPlay and TwinPeak methods?

About 4 hours ago, I had my image of Half Life 2 DVD and my .bwa topology file, and I wanted to try making a copy of it. So I followed kalas’ guide, started BW5Tweaker, selected the Twinpeak method and started BlindWrite. But I got the following error:

Init Sector failed
Topology to be reproduced with Twinpeak method, but writing is not supported. Write aborted.

So I initially thought my burner wasn’t able to burn topology information!

After a while, I saw kamikazee’s how-to which explained the steps to make a copy of a SecuROM-protected disk with the Autoplay method. I restarted BW5Tweaker, selected “Use Autoplay method” and burned on a bitset DVD+R at 2,4x. Voilà ! The burn was succesful (haven’t tested it yet).

Now I’m confused: at the first try, the topology could not be reproduced using the Twinpeak method, but using Autoplay it could! But this was in contrast with my hypothesis that the burner wasn’t able to reproduce topology information… Finally, by reading this thread I figured out that the Twinpeak method cannot be used with DVDs, but uses topology information as Autoplay does. So, what are the differences between the two ? Will my Autoplay disk work without emulation ?


Hey Tyreksionibus,

my guide is just for CDs as TwinPeak method doesn’t work on DVDs. I also used Chaosmaker’s guide for creating a backup of Riddick (DVD) and it works like charm. BlindWrite has to be installed to run this backup, if BW isn’t on the machine where you want to use your backup just get autoplay from VSO page and install it. So it won’t work without one of these apps.