Difference between audio mp3 and data mp3

I use Nero 6 Express. Can someone tell me the difference between burning a data mp3 and an audio mp3. Thanks.

At the risk of being misleading, from what I understand, by audio Mp3 they refer to burning an Audio CD compliant CD out of MP3s, in other words MP3s are converted to WAV on the fly and burnt according to the red book specifications of an Audio CD.

Data MP3 burns your disc as DATA with all the MP3 files intact, those are playable on your PC or DVD player that supports MP3, portable MP3 players, and any device that supports Mp3.

Mine says Audio CD or MP3 CD. The explanation of the difference has been given by [B]greg42.[/B]

On my Nero 6 Express there is a Data group which contains “Data Disc”. Then there is a Music group which contains"Mp3 Disc".I believe you can burn mp3 files in either choice. I just wonder what difference it would make.Thanks to all.

Very accurate explanation of audio & data of Mp3 platform. Aleast my understanding is the same.

I think in practical terms it makes little or no difference but the user interface for MP3 discs is geared towards mp3 files only so only these will be selected.