Difference between A07U and A07D

Can someone explain what is the difference between Pioneer A07U and A07D (both bulk versions)?
Is it something regional or what? …

They’re all the same. You’ll have internal and external drives, then the only other difference will be in the firmware/kernel.

The -U version is normally external, ie plex premium-U

The -D version is normally the oem version, no box, cables, soft bundle etc etc, ie the pioneer 106D

The -A version is normally the retail version, ie the pioneer A06

OK, thanx :bigsmile:

This is the DVRA07U Which is the retail model
This is the DVR107 Which is the OEM model
Both of which use the same firmware
Be advised that the firmware linked on these sites is for the US and does not include the kernel.
It is better to download the European version that includes the 1.10 kernel

It is better to download the European version that includes the 1.10 kernel

Flash - Can you clarify that statement? Do you mean that it is better for US players to use the European firmware?

The normal part of the firmware is Identical no matter which firmware is used, but for some unknown reason Pioneer omitted to include the kernel file with several issues of this software. I have applied the upgrade with the kernel and to be honest I have found no difference in performance in this excellent burner. I checked out the kernel file and there are considerable differences between the 1.05 & 1.10. It must have been changed for a reason and only Pioneer know the reason and are not likely to reveal this.
Unfortunately I have been unable to test it out on any of the 8x speed -R media which has just started production because it has not yet hit the streets.

Where can I find more info on these 2 models, and does the release of modified versions of 107 mean the original is kind of crappy?

This is an ad I got in my email


2 NEW Model Pioneer DVD Burners - New Design, New Firmware, New
Software added.

Pioneer DVR-A07XLA
Available on the second week of March 2004

Pioneer DVR-A07XLB
Available on the second week of March 2004

The drives will be different to the OEM versions (new design front,
honeycomb chassis & quieter with smarter firmware (adjustable for
quiet operation or high performance).

I do have dealer prices on the above drives but these are likely to be different come the release of these drives.