Difference between 708A2/UF2 1.05 and 708A/UF 1.08 firmwares



Can anybody explain me the difference between 708A2/UF2 1.05 and 708A/UF 1.08 i found at www.plextor.be upgrade firmware page?


Er… what do you mean exactly? :confused: More then speaking of differences in firmware, the 708A/U and the 708A2/U2 are two different models.

708A/U : writes DVD+R at 8x and DVD-R at 4x, 2mb buffer
708A2/U2: writes both DVD+R and DVD-R at 8x, 8mb buffer




Thank you eltranquil

i didn’t know that there is such a model. I am new on this forum and still learning. Thanks a lot.


You are welcome! :slight_smile:

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