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I recently converted all my Transformers G1 Episodes on and now I noticed there is the betea version with these new options: Will there be any difference in my conversion quality in video or sound? When converting, I selected 5.1 audio track and 128kb’s stereo. Does this mean the new one will play in 5.1 surround, but the old one will not play even though I selected 5.1 audio track? Please explain. Thank you

New: Added “Audio Downmix from multichannel to stereo” option in “Settings -> DVD to Mobile -> Convert” window, user can choose from “Stereo”, “Dobly Surround / ProLogic” or “Dobly ProLogic II”.
New: Added 5.1 multichannel output for PS3 and Xbox 360.
New: Added 5.1 multichannel output for audio only MP4 and WAV.
New: Added “Dobly Surround / ProLogic” and “Dobly ProLogic II” option for 5.1 multichannel downmix to stereo.
New: Added support for stereo upmix to 5.1 multichannel.

No difference in the video, and none in the audio unless your playback device supports multichannel sound (most don’t). If it does, you should try the new options and give us a report. The conversions you made were downmixed to stereo from the AC-3/5.1 audio on the DVD source.

The Mobile option has its own sub-forum now. Put questions about these modes there in the future for faster and better response (the author of the Mobile options monitors it).