Difference between 4570 1.Z1 & 4571 1.21

I converd my 4570 to 4571 with 1.21 firmware and compared the quality of burning with the different firmwares. The media is “Unversal” 8x DVD+R, and I burned on purpose 12x to compare the real differece between 4570 with 1.Z1 and 4571 with 1.21. The burn on the 1.Z1’s is still very bad, but is much better than the 1.21. The scanning quality is the same.

From the scans I assume that both firmwares use 12x CLV strategy and they also use the same burn engine. Probably it just “happened” to be a bit less crap

The burn engines are not the same, they are different firmwares.
It’s also more likely the results are bad because the media is bad, as there is no problem with the burn at .5 GIG.

I did it with the purpose with bad media, because with good media probably can’t see that difference, and the test confirm that 1.Z1(4570) is better than 1.21 (4571), may be only for this media. If somebody want to convert its 4571 to 4570 and make more test. I’m still waiting for 1.Z2 :bow: .

I think that waiting for the 1.z2 f/w is a smart thing :).

Burns on 8x with 1.Z1 (4571) looks pretty cool for me.

Not bad, but not cool either. You can get better burns with other media, at 8x. Here eg, is a SONY 08D1 at 8x (I have the same quality with burning it at 16 in other drives, but thats another story)

Everybody knows that is better to use a good medias. I made this thread for the people with 4570A manufactured after february 2006, that can’t crossflash their devices, and waiting for new firmware like 1.21, to shows that this firmware is not a better than the last for the 4570.

last days i found some bug in 4571 firmware:
if i try lock reading speed for DVD to 8x - i get 5x
if i try lock reading speed for DVD to 5x - i get 1x
locking to 16x, 12x, 1x work correct.

next - i crossflash to 4570 and test 4570 firmwares. No bug with reading speed locking. 3570 - also no bug :slight_smile:

P.S. used Nero DriveSpeed

P.P.S. and maybe 3570 and 4570 detect disk faster, than 4571.

i think 4571 1.21 is just OEM firmware and derived from 1.01b.

and latest firmwares for 3570, 4570, 4571 have same burn engines. Differences only in additional features (DVD-RAM, LF). So - writing quality must be same.

Which one.
I didn’t find any bugs of that kind on my drive.

1.01, 1.01b, 1.Z1