Difference between 4.7 gb and 8.5 gb

Hello Everybody,

This is a great site and I am glad to be here.

I just purchased a brand new dvd that came with a licensed digital copy. Cool Beans!!!

But, I am having trouble burning it onto my disc which is 4.7 gb. First, I hate having stuff on my hard drive. (You do not know how many times I have crashed hard drives, LOST everything.)

So now I am a backup fanatic. So my dilema is should i purchase the 8.5 gb dvd +r to save my digital copy that will not fit on my 4.7 gb discs?

Has anybody used them before? Thanks.

I’m a little surprised your digital copy is that large.

To answer your question, we recommend only using Verbatim brand double layer dvds…either the slower 2.4x-6x +R or the 8x +R depending on which burner you have and how old it is. New drives, that have come out in the last couple of years should be able to recognize and use either type. Older drives work better with the slower speed disks.

I recommend using a free burning program called ImgBurn for you DL burns.