Difference between 3540a & 3550?

What’s the difference between a 3540a and a 3550? I looked and looked at the specs and don’t see any difference. I understand the 4550 has faster DVD-RAM writing than the 3550?

I think I jumped the gun when I ordered my 3540a last night :doh: The only ones they had that came with software were black :rolleyes: I guess its a good thing that I don’t care that it looks like poo! :bigsmile:

the 3550 doesn’t support DVD-RAM writing at al, but technically is the same as the 4550 which according to people on this forum is a great burner but a lousy reader

having a 3540 isn’t bad at all but to be honest: if I had to buy a drive today it would be the 4550 or 3550

main difference is not in specs. 3540 is good reader but not excellent burner. 3550 and 4550 excellent burners, but not good readers, especially with cd’s.
3540 is best reader comparing to all other Nec’s. And 3500 still best writer. 3550&4550 needs firmware improvements to be same as 3500.

The main difference between the 3540 and 3550 is a new chipset, and a larger 2MB flash memory in the 3550.

It may be interesting to see what Liggy and Dee-27 can do with this larger flash memory.

Not really much. There was room for the bitsetting code again, without removing some internal functions and we could transfer the 4551 - 1-8T firmware’s DVD-RAM strategies to a different firmware.

But usually our patches don’t require a lot of memory.

I would like to have a new nec. I hope this one turns out good.

And 3550 is lead free!