Difference between 256mb vga and 512mb vga?

I was wondering what would be the viewable difference (like picture quality loss during gaem, or no real time “rendered” /a.k.a no wierd boxes but the real figure that I see in still editing but not jet rendered/ axis change in 3d rendering software…etc.) between 2 vga cards with the same gpu but with different memory size?

Like a HIS x1650pro 256mb 256bit and HIS x1650pro 512mb 256bit? I know that the quality of the picture would change if the bit would be lower (saw that when I’ve replaced my 512mb 256bit vga to the replacement card which is 128mb 64bit, also on my sis’s vga which 512mb 128bit) but what effect would it have to have lower memory ONLY? How much would I see the difference and when?

512mb and higher memory will only help in higher resolutions above 1280x1024 or so (it depends on the texture size as well). with the x1650pro the extra ram really won’t help at all since the gpu is too slow to run any games at high resolution and/or with large textures anyway. as far as the bus is concerned, a 128bit bus is exactly 1/2 the speed of a 256bit bus at the same clock speeds, memory speed helps games run smoother with larger textures and higher levels of aa/af.

it is pointless to have more than 256mb on the current midrange cards and 128mb on current low end cards, the extra memory doesn’t help when the gpu itself is too slow to use it, the only reason companies release these cards is to sucker in the less technically inclined customers who think more ram is always better

also if you are planning on replacing your x800 with a x1650pro be warned the x1650pro will be a major downgrade for you

Oh, I didn’t know that would be a downgrade. Okay then maybe a x1950pro gpu /HIS, or MSI only does can be paid others are extremly expensive/. Or maybe I should hunt down the gddr3 type version of my card.

x1950pro would be a great choice :iagree:

Thanx for the advise! :smiley: Guess I’ll try to get one of those but first I’ll figure what made my card start today if it didn’t start yesterday at all. :confused:

If I understood it well, then the speed depends on the engine clock /as I saw mine has 400Mhz and x1950pro cards have 630 Mhz or so. I think the 630Mhz is actually only the HIS card MSI have a little lower but big difference in memory clock./?

I’ve talked too early! My picture’s gone again. :confused: :doh:

Make sure the fan and heat sink are clean and the fan runs. Check the card carefully for leaking or bulging electrolytic capacitors. Also check the motherboard for the same. Make sure that the vdu cable is pushed well home and screwed up tight at both ends. If possible try a new lead. If you are using a dvi input try the analogue input.

Cleaned fan and heat sink /thats when it started up this morning/. Fan runs all the time though gives less light then before otherwise works ok I think. I’ve tried D-Sub cable over DV-I thinking it may be brocken, but made no difference.

What is bulging electrolytic capacitors? I’ve looked for irregular looking capacitors but found nothing. The card have a slitghtly tilted one though.

I’ve thought maybe the old problem is returning so while I had picture I’ve overlocked the card a bit /from 400 Mhz to 420 Mhz/ and everything froze on that. Dunno if that means anything. I know the previous error could only be found this way that’s why I’ve tried otherwise I do not overlocke vga card.

Picture quality makes no difference but heavy vedio loading (High Graphic gaming) you need more RAM in your Vcard to handle the demand.

Oh…now I understand. Thanx! Thats helpful when Im buying my nw card. :slight_smile:

I have a 256mb ATI X1600 video card and it handles just about everthing I throw at it. The only other option you could consider to if you need a " Video Out " on your card. This would allow you to use a combination HDTV/Monitor.

Will defenetly check that/though I only have old tv so no HTDV but it might come in handy laterish since I’m planing one in the next 3 years, we’ll have HDTV channels in 2010 and I’ll need one atleast then, probably earlier too though/ . Thank you. :slight_smile: