Difference between 2 pioneer drives

What is the difference between the DVR-K15 and the DVR-K15RA? Because the firmware of the K15 doesn’t work on my K15RA


Did you try flashing using DVRFlash or did you use the stock flasher?

IIRC, the RA version is the one with SONY OEM firmware, correct?!
What’s the maker of your Laptop?

I tried the stock flasher from Pioneer. And the maker of my Laptop is Acer

Btw this is what DVRflash says with the command -v e:

Btw if anyone wants to know, the reason i want to update the firmware is because of the burning of the drive. I can only burn DVD’s right on 2x speed. If I burn DATA DVD’s faster than that, the DVD’s can’t be read good enough. Really annoying

That means you should use better media. Pioneer drives are very good dvd burners.

So you think it’s just the media I’m using? Because if that’s true, I don’t have to worry anymore, I don’t want to sent the laptop away :wink: