Difference between 2 and 6 channel audio

If I’m only going to burn the main portion of a video, and my options are 2 and 6 channels, shouldn’t I just pick 6? That way I have better DVD quality. Doesn’t 6 channels contain everything from 2 channels? Or is there something I’m missing?

It all depends on your sound system. Normally if you have only 2 speaker setup you will want to keep the dolby 2 channel soundtrack, choosing the 6 channels would give an overall lower volume sound.

The 6 channel is actually a 5.1…yes it contains the original 2 channels, left and right but with the addition of a CENTER, right-rear, left-rear and subwoofer channel for a “surround” effect… So unless you have a 5.1 surround system, stick to the 2 channel track. Most film DVDs cotain both a 5.1 and a 2 channel track. The 2 channel track which contains all the sounds of the other channels into 2.