Difference beteen dvd-rw,dvd-ram,mrw discs

dear friends,

I am confused about the differences between dvd-ram,dvd-rw and dvd-mrw (mount rainier)…

dvd-ram is said to be like a hdd or flash disc,on the other hand it’s said under mount rainier system dvd’s may be handled such as hdd or floppy…

but softwares such as InCD and … perform this kind of task without any need to a mt.rainier disc and drive (however I beleive it’not reliable so much,I have many problems with that…)

would u plz help me?

In a nutshell…

Hardware defect management and purposely designed discs.

Mount Rainier adds hardware defect management to +RW

Distributed Real Time Defect Management adds software implementation to -RW

Relies upon individual non-standardized features of DLA, InCD, &c.

Same as +RW but slightly worse write strategy inherent to disc