Difference? APC BR1000 UPS vs. this "Dell only" model

I am considering buying the APC BR1000 UPS system.

From APC, it is $189:

This “Dell only” version is $150

The besides the color difference, the units look totally different. Also, would the warranty be from APC or Dell?

Its kind of hard to tell as dell doesn’t give very good specifications on thier model. I think I would tend towards the apc one as you cannot be sure about the dell. you could probably get it a lot cheaper than ordering direct from apc though. you are paying full retail there.

Well, Dell has no information on the warranty either. It’s made by APC, and shares the same model number and specs as the original APC. I figured it would have the same warranty period as the original APC (3 years). I just don’t want to have to deal with Dell for warranty.

I found the Dell model for $99, so I’m thinking about getting it. I just need to find out who I would go to in the event of a warranty claim, Dell or APC.