Differance between 3500A & 3500AG

This may have been asked in a previouse thread, and I tried performing a search for this as well, but for the life of me I cannot find an answer. So I do apologize if this a worn out question. But, if someone could please tell me the differance between the 3500A & a 3500AG that would be great. Also if they are differant drives will all FW avail, work on either of these drives? For example of someone says FW for NEC 3500A available now, would that same FW also work in the 3500AG drive? I think this would make a great sticky as I’m sure people like myself are wondering this same thing.


The ND-3500A and AG are exactly the same, both drives will be found as ND-3500AG in windows and recording software. The firmware is also fully compatible

I got a boxed one , at the box it say 3500A , the drive’s Firmware is 3500AG .

Still, they are the same.

As far as I know, there is no retail NEC ND3500A in Canada. I only bought an OEM ND3500AG. But they are still the same.