Diff. TY dvd-r at rima : which upper surface?

Rima has a few different types of TY blanks, and i was wondering what the difference between them is, and which one is better.
Also, id be happy if anyone could provide pictures of the surfaces too!

Surface : Silver Lacquer (Shiny Silver)
Surface : White Inkjet Printable
Surface : Silver Inkjet Printable

Thank you!

The only difference is the price, and the back coating.

I have posted some pics i got off google search, can someone tell me if these would be the 3 types?

If my eyes don’t deceive me …

The first one looks like silver laquer, second one looks like white IJP hub printable, and bottom one looks like silver IJP.

Which one is better depends on your application and budget. If you don’t have an inkjet CD/DVD printer, then printable surface is not useful for you. It will just cost you more money. Within the inkjet printables, it depends on whether on not you want a solid white background (looks more like paper, but results in brighter graphics) or silver (more subdued colors, looks less like a paper label). I find that depending on the company, the white inkjet top gives a more uniform appearance, whereas with the silver you can see the mirror-band near the hub distinctly through the top surface.

But isnt the printable surface a sort of protective layer?

That’s more of an issue with CD-R than with DVD-R. With CD-R, the top of the disc is essentially where the data lives, with a little bit of lacquer to protect it. Printable media adds substantially to that top layer, adding quite a bit of protection.

DVD-R media has a layer of plastic/polycarbonite on top of the data, so there is far less risk in damaging the data from writing on the top than there is with CD-R.