Diff. between ultra edition, enterprise edition and reloaded?

Hi all,

I am a little confused about the diff. versions of Nero out there. I have the basic Nero 6.3 (i think) registered to me. I wanted to update this and get the full functionality of burning photo cd’s, media server, etc.

What is the diff between the the ultra, enterprise and reloaded? Which one has EVERYTHING? I downloaded the Ultra Edition updates (6 packages) from nero’s website and thankfully it worked… but it seems im missing the Reloaded updates…

if someone could clarify this confusion, that would be awesome.

thank you.!

Does this answer your question? Welcome to the forums, maxim730.

thank you! i dont know why i didnt get that thread when i search for “nero ultra”

thanks again

I noticed there is a slight difference between the reloaded and ultra edition. The ultra edition has all the same features as the reloaded, but has two more packages: PhotoShow Express and NeroMix. As I am located in Europe and have the Nero 6 OEM version (bought in Europe), Nero suggests to upgrade to the Reloaded version. When I update the Ultra Edition, it will cost me US$ 50 (or Euro 38), whereas the Reloaded version is Euro 35. So only 3 Euros differences for a more complete package.

Would there be any good reason for me not to choose for the Ultra Edition, but buy the Reloaded Version?


one reason might be that the reloaded version does not work! see posts on problems with 6.6 in this forum. excuse my negativity but i just upgraded from 6.3 and cant burn, with clients waiting. when will i ever learn…if it’s not broke — it cant be software!