Diff between Ritek G05 and Ridata 8X DVD-R?

What is the difference between Ritek G05 DVD-R and Ritek Ridata 8X DVD-R (with no specific G05 designation)? Both of the above mentioned are available on allmedia.com and have slightly different prices although that might be due to different top surface.

I’ve bought Ritek 8X before (not from allmedia.com) and they turned out to be media code R03 which would only burn at 4X in my pioneer DVR-108. I wanna make sure I don’t make that mistake again.

Easy one:
Ritek 8x DVD-R = Media code G05 - burn up to 12x with Pioneer 108
Ritek 8x DVD+R = Media code R03 - burn at max 4x with Pioneer 108

Make sure you buy -R not +R and you should be fine:)

But what’s the difference between the first two that I mentioned?

Are you saying that any Ritek 8X DVD-R will write at 12X and any Ritek DVD+R will write at 4X with official 1.14 f/w?

Can’t say for sure but I don’t think there is any difference between G05 and “Ridata 8X DVD-R”. I bought Ridata 8x DVD-R from Meritline except they also called it G05 and it is G05. Ask the seller if it is “Grade A” media.


Exact, if they have the media code listed before. -R = G05, R03 = +R
I hope that Pioneer will update this at the next f/w update, but for the moment, it’s like this.
Conclusion: it has nothing to do with your setup.
However, I suggest to stick to media rating, like I would not burn these G05 at 12x even If I can. I prefer at 8x and I have good results.

Actually there can be a difference, Advanced Media/Ritek USA backs any “RiDATA” brand discs and these should, in theory, always be very good quality.
“Generic” discs with just a RITEKG05 MID code might not be as good.

That being said, I’ve tried both RiDATA brand and unbranded RITEKG05 discs, and both types have been excellent for me, but your mileage may vary…


Allmedia @ www.allmediaoutlet.com reputedly sells only “A” grade media-however it is always best to contact their customer service to get confirmation - and the MID codes of the media you are purchasing-


What about Piodata Media? I heard they are G04 and G05 branded? is this true? http://www.supertechstore.com/media.html

I agree, I only use Ritek ridata branded.

I have not seen a store advertising " we only have the best grade B and C discs. :wink:

I have not seen a store advertising " we only have the best grade B and C discs. ;)[/QUOTE]

Yo LucyFer-

Just shop at Meritline…:wink:



Just bought Ritek 8x -R’s (G05) from www.supermediastore.com for $43 including shipping for 100 cakebox-

Now that’s a good price!!!


I see your confusion because I’m going through the same thing. I’ve asked around and what I hear is that the Ridata branded Riteks are better quality, but that’s just hearsay. Every where you look, they sell 2 different kinds of of G05s. Ritek 8x DVD-R G05 and Ritek Ridata 8x DVD-R G05.

I got an email into Ritek to get this answered. I’ll let ya know what I find out.

I’m not getting a good answer to my question from Ritek because I’m talking to a foreigner that isn’t understanding my question… greeeeat.

I found this on quite a few websites:

What is the difference between Ritek and Ridata?
Ritek is the manufacturer and Ridata is Ritek’s own brand name. Ritek Ridata stands for top quality of Ritek DVD media.

And there are quite a few websites out there that both sell: G05 Ritek 8x DVD-R and G05 Ritek Ridata 8x DVD-R. IMHO, the Ridata branded Ritek G05s are higher quality than the Ritek branded ones. The dye seems be darker and from my experience, I haven’t had a single coaster in around 110 discs. O’well… I’ll continue to search for an answer… I’ll see if I can get an engrish speaking person at Ritek.

A “Ritek G05 disc” just means any 8x RITEK G05 disc made by Ritek – either unbranded or produced for a reseller brand like Arita, Ridisc, Ridata, Piodata, Memorex, or whatever. Ritek may make a bad batch that doesn’t pass their A-Grade certification, but these could still come out of the factory as shiny silver unbranded discs, for example – just because it says RITEK G05 doesn’t mean it’s necessarily Grade A. Sure, lots of people have had great results with unbranded Ritek discs, or cheap Arita discs, or even the overprinted orange “Mountains and Streams” discs which are supposedly factory surplus – but it’s a crapshoot and you may get a bad batch that way.

“Ridata” is Ritek’s own premium brand, and these discs, while basically the same as any other Ritek G05 disc, have much better quality control, so you have a much lower chance of getting a dud. Plus, the manufacturer support for these is generally better – if you do get a bad disc or batch, e-mail them with the serial number(s) from the discs and they should help you out. Ritek is aiming to have a great reputation with their Ridata brand, so things like that should matter to them (especially if linked to a public thread on CDFreaks).

Ritek also makes some claims that Ridata discs are safe from counterfeiting issues here, but I don’t know if anyone’s actually seen any counterfeit Ritek discs on the market. (Most of the fakes I’ve heard about have had TY, MCC, and TDK media codes)

I’ve never seen any place advertise discs as Grade B, Grade C, ect. I’ve seen places like Meritline advertise “Grade A” and then “Super Grade” which falls somewhere below their “Grade A”.

reptile, thank you for that explanation. this is what I was informed of as well, but I couldn’t find any thing concrete to reinforce what I heard. I called Ritek, and the lady said they are “identical”. “Rolled off of the same manufacturing line”.

I personally don’t think she knew what she was talking about. I like the RIdata’s and I’lll continue using them. No coasters to date.