Diff between px-708 and 712,716,premium? (plextools)

I have a PX-708 and wanted to try a PI/PO test.
The help file says this isn’t available for this drive. I have also read here on this forum, (a long time ago, last fall), something about this.
My question is, What makes the PX-708 so much different from these other drives that these tests, (and others in Plextools), aren’t available to this drive.
I have the latest Plextools 2.21, and firmware 1.09.
I know there are a lot of new features in the newer drives, I’m just asking about the tests in the “yellow” area below “Write transfer test” in Plextools.
Is it possible, through firmware, to enable these Plextool functions for the PX-708?

BTW, I’ll probably have this drive for quite a long time, as I don’t burn that many DVD’s or CD’s with it.
Sorry if this has been asked before.
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You could email Plextor Tech support and ask them if it would be possible. With newer dvd burners coming out in the next few months I highly doubt they would allow PI/PO testing on the 708a. 708a owners are fortunate they enabled bitsetting capability and new firmware for a drive that is now going on 2 years old. :wink:

The difference I see in the 708a drive is the capability of reading badly scratched discs. I had a badly scratched disc that could only be read by the 708a drive. In my experience with the 708a drive the write quality is much better than other brands of 4x dvd burners that would fall in the same catagory as the 708a drive. The 712 & 716 drives have plextools and faster burning speeds and faster read speeds. Hope this helps to answer your questions. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your quick reply. I didn’t realize it had been that long since I bought my PX-708A. I found my Best Buy reciept, it says I bought it in Oct, 03. It came with firmware 1.00 It still performs well.
On a side note, I just retired my trusty Yamaha burner from Nov, 99. It lasted 5 ½ years and I burned a ton of CDRs with it.


R.I.P. :bow:

ET :slight_smile:

what new burners? are you reffering to the AL? because AFAIK its in the “716” family

Jon_J wrote:

I just retired my trusty Yamaha burner from Nov, 99. It lasted 5 ½ years and I burned a ton of CDRs with it.

I am still using my PlexWriter 8/4/32, Which I bought back in early '99 when it first came out…