Diff. between 1.25 and 1.04 Firmwares?

Just got a 3520, and would like to put the “latest” firmware on it, but after searching through the forum, I can’t find a clear answer to what would be the firmware of choice, given the following:

  1. DON’T care about overspeeding media (quality paramount)

  2. DON’T care about region coding

  3. DO want Riplock removed

  4. DO want latest media definitions (obvious I guess…)

It appears that a Riplock removed 1.25 may be the way to go ?

Thanks for any direction.

  • Chris

If you want the latest firmware with riplock removed you should pick the LD Beta3 firmware for this drive.

Doesn’t this FW overspeed some media ?

I understand it seems to work well, but I really am OK with 8-12X burns if need be.

  • Chris

This firmware overspeed some media but you always can turn back the speed for burning manually in the burning software for better results.