Diff. bet. Sonic RecordNow and stomp RecordNow?

Is there any difference between Sonic and Stomp. If yes which one is better. I read here in some threads that RecordNow gave them better results than Nero. Any suggestions??

Have a look here www.stompinc.com/recordnowmax/index.phtml?stp,
and also here. estore.sonic.com/enu/dmd/recordnowmax.asp?

Hopefully the above will explain all you need to know about the
said products.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

RecordNow MAX (or DX v4.x) is very recommendable. Although it is somewhat outdated, its Px burning engine is rock-solid, something we can’t say about Nero’s, for example.

The thing is, I have some questions about RecordNow, too.

On http://www.sonicjapan.co.jp/oem/about_down/about_download_rn46_1_en2.html I found the improvements from v4.61 over v4.5, according to Sonic. Nevertheless, Stomp Inc. still provides v4.5 of this programme, as does orlogix. My question is: has Sonic developed this software to v4.61? I think not, because all I heard is that Sonic simply distributes the software, and it’s not developing it further.

Improvement from RecordNow DX 4.6

  • Enhanced New Bootable CD function.
  • RecordNow DX does not allow to create a disc if there is a file larger than (or equal to) 4GB.
  • Show the correct size.
  • Now it comes with Auto run Shield.
  • Windows Media Player starts.
  • RecordNow DX no longer displays an error message.
  • The drive tray is locked during GI creation.
  • Progress bar and job is synchronized.
  • After “full erase”,“My computer” no longer show a false volume image.
  • After TestWrite, RecordNow DX eject the drive tray before actual write.

Improvement from RecordNow DX 4.61
-Append for DVD
(These functions are already included in RecordNow4.6)
The updater we opened on 05/27/03 have a DVD-RW append writing problem.
Please download this new updater again if you already downloaded the updater on 06/07/03 or earlier.

What I’d like to know about all this is what the “Enhanced New Bootable CD function” is about. As far as I can see, ‘no emulation’ (like Win2k/XP bootable CD uses) isn’t supported (haven’t tried to load a 2048 bytes loader.bin file to try though).

-Append for DVD v4.5 already includes DVD Multisession support, so what is meant with the word ‘Append’ here?

- RecordNow DX does not allow to create a disc if there is a file larger than (or equal to) 4GB. Looks like ISO specification. But as far as I can see it, in v4.5 and 4.61 it’s only possible to use UDF format (which doesn’t have this 4GB problem). My - possibly most important question is this: Is there any downside to using UDF on data-DVD’s in comparison to ISO file system specs? Like in error correction (more/less space available for the data in order to include more/less error correction data)?

Hopefully someone can answer my questions, because I like the programme a lot, but would also like to know about what’s under the hood.

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