Diferences between nec 3551 3550a?



i’m going to buy DVD recorder and i was thinking on the 3550a from nec.
well it appears that in Portugal it’s tricky to get one…
So i was looking at some other nec models that we see in stores here:
the 3351 and the 4550.
My question is what are the diferences between these models?
Are there diferent names for US and Europe? What to choose? I’m lost and would apreciate any help.

Thank you.

PS: newbie question…


The following drives are all the same, except for DVD-RAM and LabelFlash support:

[li]NEC ND-3550A[/li][li]NEC ND-3551A ( = 3550 + LabelFlash support)[/li][li]NEC ND-4550A ( = 3550 + DVD-RAM support)[/li][li]NEC ND-4551A ( = 3550 + LabelFlash + DVD-RAM support)[/li][/ul]