Diferences between Lite-on LDW 811s and LDW 851s

Hi Cd freaks members,

My computer parts vendor has offered me the choice between the lite-on LDW-811s and LDW-851s.

I have bough the LDW-811s because i have read the wonderfull review @ cdfreaks, but i am asking you guys, if the LDW-851s is better than the LDW-851s (in terms of oc’ing etc etc etc.).

i have searched at the lite-on website, but i can’t find any difference between the ldw-811s and the ldw-851s.

I can change the drive tomorrow if you can prove me that the ldw-851s is better than ldw-811s.

Thank you very much.

This question has been asked many times before.

But anyway, you should definitely get the 851S! It’s much better than the 811S! The hardware is newer, the firmwares are newer, etc. The hardware for the 851S is actually more similar to the hardware for a 812S than it is to the hardware for a 811S, so it generally does better than the 811S.