Die Another Day

I own the movie “Die Another Day 007” (Region 1.) The movie plays fine in my stand alone RCA DVD Player. When I put it in my computer, it freezes and crashes the computer. I own 6 other DVD movies, and all play perfectly in the computer. Is there anything special about this movie I should know to get it to play on my computer?

Windows Me
P4 2.4
Plextor PX-712A
Roxio DVDMax Player 2.0, (Came on Plextor CD)

the dvd is region 1. and the region on the dvd unit you are trying to play it on is set to what region ? also, try another dvd playing software and see what happens

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Have you installed Sonic DLA, Creative Playcenter or Real Player software? If so, remove them as they can cause blue screens with the PX-712A.

The Plextor PX-712A has a “Region 1” sticker on the top it. The DVD has “Region 1” stamped on it. I do not have any of the software on my computer you have mentioned in your reply. I have cleaned the DVD. It still crashes my computer. I don’t get it?