Die another day and Harry Potter 2 DVD released to the net

I just posted the article Die another day and Harry Potter 2 DVD released to the net.

N. used our newssubmit to tell us that on VCDquality.com we can find that both the movies James Bond: Die Another Day and Harry Potter 2 DVDs are now available to download on the internet. The…

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“DECENT”?!?!??! man! that is a real dvdrip, a xvid which won’t be any better when the retail dvd will be released. :9

Big Deal!!! Doing this has in no way diminished the amount of money these movies have made. Look at Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings as an example, the DVD rips was released shortly after the movie was out and the movie was still able to break revenue records. I say if people really want it and it is a QUALITY product then they will buy it. Simple as that.

I want HD-DVD. :wink:

Eh, money lost is money lost. Alot of folks weren’t aware of the Fellowship rips. The average user isn’t on top of these and many people still don’t have access to broadband. Soon it will be just like leaked albums and fans will be demanding them months before release. It’s not at all a fair subject to compare. In order to actually suggest the DVD rips aren’t hurting sales you’d actually have to be sure everyone who bought the DVD was informed that they could get it for “free” via the net… I can promise you the sales wouldn’t have been nearly as high. Ethics and quality aside, most folks feel that $20 is $20.

So $20 is $20 ? Since the 3 LOTR movies costed approx $270 Million to make then this $20-$20 dollar rule means that any amount earned above $270 million (ok then let’s say $400 Million - they should be allowed a small profit!!!) must be given to charity. :wink:

I wish the downloaders of these movies the best of luck. They are doing absolutely nothing wrong. As long as these movies are not being illegally sold, nothing wrong has been done.

haha good point wolverine :wink: though not entirely true, it is illegal because it’s not my property. newayz, i dl’ed it off efnet and the quality is amazingly awesome. should be expected since it is dvd. the quality i would give 9 sound 10 and overall a 9.

you know i just can’t wait for the day that microsoft and their “drm” scheme won’t allow me to download stuff like this won’t it be great;) also is it me or is the girl in the above everyone.net ad kicking.:9

The screens for Harry Potter 2 on this site are awesome, which Incidently I picked up at a local market for personal viewing and is pure rubbish,in sound and picture quality in comparison! B.T.W Twin Towers is available!

Yeah Two Towers IS out but only as a vcd of questionable quality. However, I did hear thats its out as a dvdr but released as an internal only…(so far) :stuck_out_tongue:

The questionable quality of Two Towers has not to do with VCD, but rather the fact that their all cam versions. You can put a DVD rip on VCD, it just takes more discs… I used to have the DVD rips for LOTR Fellowship on VCD, the quality was the same. So VCD isn’t what’s holding us back, it’s the fact none have been DVD Rips.