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You might have noticed,I’m not too hot on the technical stuff but I’m finding little nuggets which might help any newbies…When you’re recording to a ONCE RECORDABLE disc (DVD+R OR DVD-R) you cannot overwrite recordings,but you CAN delete them.So,if you’ve got multiple titles you can get rid of any you dont want.Also,when you’re copying Dvd’s (please note,copying copyrighted material is illegal and you must not do it),if you miss the beginning or you get a frightening copyright notice you didn’t want,then you can just stop the recording,restart and delete the unwanted segment later .Obviously,you have to do this before finalizing…Also,I’ve found that when you start a recording,it says on the display bar ‘recording’ before it actually starts recording,sometimes waiting 10-15 seconds.It’s only when the time appears in the display bar that it’s actually recording.The method above can be used to restart any (legal) dvd copying. :wink: :smiley:


every little helps !!


And to realise that the space used by the “deleted” recording is not reusable, so if using 2 hour mode and you delete a title that was of 30 min duration then you will only have 90 mins left. Which could be annoying if your subject to be taped was 105 mins.