Did you know this shop in Luxemburg ? Feedback needed



could someone tell me if this is a reliable vendor? http://www.mmd.lu/produitsHome.html#

I’d like to get some Maxell dvd and price looks quite good (also considering that new maxell 16X are MIT), so to avoid bad surprise i need some feedback.
Thanks a lot


Hi :slight_smile:

I’ve been ordering from MMD in the past (I live in Belgium) and it was OK. They are authorized distributors for Verbatim. They only sell fully branded medias, no cheap bulk stuff. Unless you go for Memorex or Sony (bad idea), you can’t buy crap from them, they simply don’t sell any :D.

Nevertheless, I now buy from SVP (www.svp.co.uk) because though it’s in UK, the shipping cost in exactly the same for me, and the prices are substantially lower (compare the price of the Verbatims…!).
You should check the shipping costs to Italy. Their customer service is outstanding and they mention on the site the mediacodes of every DVD media they sell.



Thanks Francksoy for you help. Fine to hear it’s a good shop with nice prices!

Like you told, MMD Verbatim price isn’t that cheap, a 25 pack Verabtim 16X can be found also for 11-12 €, but i can’t find any Maxell media in my area and especially not at that price. Since that caught my eyes i’ll give them a try. About Memorex & Sony it’s a shame they don’t sustitute these brands with TY :wink:


it’s a shame they don’t sustitute these brands with TY

That’s for sure. :iagree:

I think it’s because they seem to be reluctant to sell bulk media. Fully branded TY discs are very hard to find and are hugely expensive… now that I think about it, I’ve never seen fully branded TY in my life! :eek: - I mean in the real world (seen some on pictures on the web only…)



Mee too. If i can get 100 Fujifilm TY02 for 40€ i don’t see why i should pay 74€ :Z for same kind of media, just fully TY branded!


They are reliable but there is no on line tracking of parcels.
The Maxell, MIJ, are good but do not expect to have better scans thans MCC 003 or of equivalent quality. They are slightly worse.


Are you referring to both formats ? I can’t speak for +R, but tried Maxell -R and they gave me very good results, better than MCC03.
Personally i find Verbatim a bit overrated; thought Verbatim quality standard control we haven’t to forget they’re made in Taiwan by CMC, not that great manufacturer. Overall very very good media but i’m usual to consider made in Japan stuff a bit superior, don’t you?

Here MIJ Maxell -R are compared to TY quality, and i’ve to agree too.
Did you have some problems with them?


nice info dewds

the .LU shop is more expensive then cdfreaks shop it seems, so aint that intresting for me

but the .UK link is very intresting, francksoy…

its indeed even a lil more cheaper

will certainly have a look at it

im lookin for vertabim quality media for backupping (vertabim 16x looks intresting)

and also for some cheaper dvd+rs for other stuff, but i dunno which to pick for that…
any suggestions perhaps?

i was thinking @ something like this:
{DV 3238} Datawrite Classic (8x) DVD+R in Spindle Tubs of 50
for 14 euro 81 cents

or would u choose something (for with a Benq DW1620A btw)


Error, I have just received exactly this goods, they are CMC MAG E01 !
I’m going to write an email to SVP .co.uk about this false labeling.