Did you know cars burn well?



Wow, I was home, talking to someone, when we both smelled fire. Since I live on the 7th floor I looked around saw nothing. Then I heard the fire department, looked the call up on the internet and they were going to our flat!

We went down and the smell got worse, more and more people came into the elevator and said there is a car on fire! I was hoping it wasn’t mine and when we got out, the firemen were already there with some policemen and others who live here.

Lot’s of smoke and first thing I noticed it wasn’t my car. It was of someone else. Lot’s of fire and smoke but the firemen got it out pretty fast.

Now I wonder, does anyone know is causing this? It was a relative new small renault…


Any photos?


Well if I had to guess I’d say it’s either deliberate or an electrical fault.

Renaults are well known for electrical problems BTW.

That’s pretty scary though.



Although cars burn well they don’t explode near as easy as they do in movies & TV.
A freind of mine & I were driving down the street when we noticed a car on fire burning only on the inside at first. This young woman was sitting in the yard watching it burn. We stopped & ask if we needed to call the fire department for her & she said the people in the house of the yard she was sitting in already had.
She said she was just driving when she saw smoke coming from her air conditioner vents . This was a large Pontiac about a 1976 or so.
We could see the fire spread to the roof liner dripping down to catch the seats & other interior on fire . By the time the fire department got there it was really burning . All the way to the back of the interior & into the trunk . It never caught the gas tank so no explosion. The gas tank had to have been exposed at least to major heat & fire close to it.
I will add before the firemen got there we drove up about a block & told the woman maybe she should move farther away too. She said shoe would be OK . We didn’t want to maybe be the second car burning so as I said we moved away.
We still couldn’t beleive it didn’t explode.