Did Yamaha Ever Make a Premium I Equivalent Drive?

Everyone knows that the Plextor Premium II and the Yamaha CRW-F1 were the greatest CD burners ever made. They are often compared to each other.

However, Plextor also made drives a rung below that, with the Plextor Premium I and even their other non-Premium drives being great CD burners.

Did Yamaha ever make any incredible or great quality CD burners, other than the CRW-F1, or were they a one hit wonder?

CRW2100S and CRW8824S were both very good SCSI drives…I still have them sitting in my spare parts locker…

I began my “burning career” with a Yamaha CRW4416S SCSI burner. The burns itself were never bad. And at this time, I’m honest, I never thought about media brands. I still do not have any problems reading this old disks. The burner quality of the CRW4416S was poor. This drive was exchanged 3x and after warranty was ended the drive stopped working. I wrote the Yamaha Branch here in Germany since the quality of the drive were so poor. After receiving the answer I decided not buying Yamaha products anymore since the answer was insolent. The only exception was my CRW-F1 I got new at eBay for small money.
The replacement for my CRW4416S was a Plextor PlexWriter PX-12/10/32S. This drive was my last SCSI drive. After my long “SCSI aera” I got a PX-40/12/40A and finally a Plextor Premium. All of my old Plextor drives are still in my collection and are still working.
I always loved the features and the software tools of my Plextor burners. The PX-12/10/32S came with “Plextools2000” a really nice software. Under Windoes NT a driver was installed and you could “see” the audio tracks as WAV files and play it in the WAV player of NT. Also the features of this tool were great at this time. I’m sure at this time Plextor was really the “King of the world” with great drives and very nice and useful tools. The firmware support was also perfect. I don’t know how much years Plextor made firmware updates for the PX-12/10/32S, but I remember it were a few.