Did we realy need the Game`s Up subforum?

Did we realy need a Game`s Up subforum to place all those nice thread that we had going in the Living Room ?

Tell us why ?

Why not?

These are uniquely for fun, but some use them only to increase postcount. Many said that I was the first in this, but they are wrong. I like these threads because are funny, nothing else.

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Although an infrequent visitor, my personal observation is that some of the threads were becoming too noisy for the rest of the people in the Living Room who perhaps wanted a quieter and more traditional conversation. Extra virtual space has been created for the benefit of everyone to their own preference; nothing more sinister than that.

For example, in the UK, in pubs there’s often a Games Room where people can play pool, argue the toss over cards, and slap down dominoes to their hearts’ content. In the separate room of the Lounge, others can talk and chat more quietly. Same difference, except on a forum the virtual space can be created much more easily with the intention of benefitting everyone.

Let’s not get too parochial about this: if things change in the future, I’m sure it could just as easily become one Room again. I don’t think anything is set in stone here :).

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Hell yes! You have no idea how tempted I was to delete those bastard things while I still could! But I was too lean to do it. I thought they’d go away by themselves but noo… And then it was too late.

Just as you know it … I did not try to piss off the Mod of the forum by posting this poll … I just wanted to see what other pepz had to say about it … and I do understand that “imkidd57” had to turn off and on his moderator mode :smiley:
I just thought that the Living room was what it was coz the game threads … thats all. I guess that I have to go to the Games Up subforum to play now that "mom" says I cant play in the livingroom :stuck_out_tongue:

Only to make sure everyone knows I’m giving a personal view and not intervening :cool:. I don’t necessarily have any jurisdiction here above that of ordinary members :p.

Hey, I have no axe to grind here. Like a few people said, all it was was harmless fun. :iagree:

I can honestly say that I have no interest at all in poll counts, so it genuinely wasn’t that that took me there.

Like KickF alludes to, it was for the games (and on-line friendship), nothing as sinister as some would believe :disagree:

as you say … I`m quite a harmless littel man :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I voted yes.
And these are my personal views.

CDF is getting big, and bigger as each day passes. The LR forum itself is getting very busy, and like it or not, it has to be moderated.

IMO as a forum gets to this stage things need to be grouped into sections to make them more manageable, and also to make them more user friendly. Now that the Games up forum has been created, it will allow us in the future to possibly have more staff assigned to the subforums that need it. Take a look at our ODD forums here on CDF and see how much staff that section requires. :wink:

Da-Taxman has already outlined the other reasons why the “Games up” forum was created in the sticky thread at the top of that forum, so i won’t go over these again.

The new Games up subforum is only 1 day old, so let’s all see what happens in the following days and weeks.

You’ve been around here for too long - even before me :slight_smile:
Surely you must remember the way the LR was before these mass-posting threads. Personally i did prefer it the way it was then, when Dansie and Flying Dutchman and Stoner was around.

The only big thread i ever was/am a part of (and actually took part in its creation) was the Quest - but hey! that’s the Quest!

I am sure the main LR is much better now, and will give more room for more people to get involved, plus there’s also a private room for all others to continue with the game threads :slight_smile:

I too voted yes.

When you’re browsing the forum, it’s nice to see the fun posts seperated. Makes it easier to find what you’d like to read/post in.

This way, people seem to get the best of both worlds…although I can understand that right now, some might not see it the same way.

As Dee said, it’s a lot easier to manage them seperately, too.

It’s just adjusting to change…in a month or too, peeps may start to like the new layout. :slight_smile:

I think it’s a great idea, now it would be really great if the posts from the Game’s Up forum didn’t come up when you click on new posts.

New posts on the games subforum don’t increase postcount :disagree:

And this is a good thing :iagree:

I am talking about the new posts link.

oops, sorry for my misunderstand :flower:

It seems fine, the only thing is it now is in a place where you don’t have to feel guilty about posting too much. There are a lot of great people on these threads and its fun to get to know them, talking about whatever seems to be the topic on that day! :clap: :clap:

I have to agree with Dee here…i like the fact that there is a section where posts don’t count…and yet in the sub forum its just games so we know when we go there thats all thats going to be there…kind of like the news and entertainment sub forums…so I think with the increasing number of members we should expect change…


I can put my feet back up on the table now, since all the games have been moved!

Change is for the better :slight_smile:
Now to post polls for some controversial opinions …

well I have to agree that a subforum was not a bad idea …
Can the mods tell me if the Forum will have a updrade soon on it`s HW / SW
so it can handel more datatraffic ? I more and more get the message : server busy, try again later ! … here the other day the whole forum was down to :frowning: … so does the forum need a upgrade ?

you better not put those feet up…your gonna regret it when ya fall out of that chair laughing…:smiley: