Did Vso convertx to dvd support chinese srt file?



Hi…i wonder the software can support srt file or not,
because i can view the chinese sub while playback in divx mode before convert it.
After convert it,i view with Power DVD the chinese sub just go nuts,
why is this happen?
Am i missing any process before convert the movie ?


Hi there,

In theory Chinese subs should be supported, but then again, I never used such subs :eek:

Try the latest v2.1.9 [B]ßeta[/B]


Lots of subtitles issues were fixed.

I am not sure, but when using languages like Chinese, maybe you need to [B]change the Code Page[/B] ?

Since by defaults, I think it’s using Latin I, maybe you need to pick a different one for Chinese, Japanese etc… ?


:flower: Thank you,i hav solve the problem by update the version to V2.1.8.191 and already tested on a movie.
the converted file was big (4.22G) hopefully can burn into a dvd5 blank media


Hey Lelong,

is srt file the same as PAL conversion or rmvb files. I wanted to convert rmvb to dvd format so I can watch on DVD player would the upgrade version works? please advise. t hanks


Hi,as far as i know if u are using VSO ConvertXTODVD and want to convert rmvb file to dvd…cannot if u are using the version below V2.1.2.157
i try it before it can’t find the rmvb file,if can i got lot of chinese movie to convert it.

Then for the V2.1.8.191 (Same as Mine) i think it can…(i not yet try)
but i look through the version history the VSO team did update this software to support Real Video on the V2.1.3.159

Just upgrade it…and try…upgrade mean no harm to you…infact you will be suprise of the feature that you can use.

Do Let Me Know The Result THX :smiley:


To provide support for Real Video, following DLL must be in ConvertXtoDVD.exe path (C:\Program Files\vso\ConvertXtoDVD):

All format: pncrt.dll
Real video V8: drv23260.dll
Real video V9: drv33260.dll
Real video V10: drv43260.dll

these Dll comes with Real Player, that can be downloaded from Real Network.
(http://www.real.com), or you can get them from Here
And make sure you are using the latest version of ConvertXtoDVD.


my 2.1.5 can add the traditional / simplified chn sub even in english windows.