Did the computer loose my codecs?

I have a external Lite on dvd burner. I have been using it for about 6 months. Now all of a sudden it no longer detects the burner. If I would unplug it from the computer that sound the computer makes when unplugging and plugging something in does work(it does make that sound) But if I would go to my computer that drive does not show up. Do I need to download the codecs again for the computer to reconize it again. I tried to play a movie on it and nothing. I am running xp if you need to know that. Thanks for all your help.

Your computer didn’t loose it’s codec’s, unless you did something to cause it to occur.

You need to think hard about any changes you may have made (software downloads, windows updates), anything, which may have happened at or around the time the problem showed up. You can try restoring your pc back to a point where you know it was working, and see if that helps. You can try plugging it into another pc and see what happens. If all of those don’t fix it, the burner could just be bad. Check the manufacturers web site and see if they have a Self Test procedure which you can run to see if the drive checks out as ok…