Did Ricoh quit making blank media?

My webstore told me that Ricoh quit making blank media CD-R and DVD
I Googled for info, but found nothing, neighter on this forum.
Is this true?
Anybody know?

Ricoh quit manufacturing blank media a loooooong time ago.

All their media with Ricoh MID is either made by Ritek or MBI (and some DL media by FTI).

Maxell should do the same. Instead of completely abandoning the market, they should let the big Taiwanese / Indian manufacturers produce their media, just like Mitsubishi (Verbatim) and Ricoh do.

Maxell MIDs are well supported by most modern drives, would be a pity to lose them for good.

Maybe Maxell is more concerned about their brand reputation, and doesn’t want to invest the money that would be required for another manufacturer to replicate their Plus/Broadcast level of quality. Unless they’re going to have someone making the good stuff, there’s really no point in just having the MID floating around. Verbatim is an example of how it can be done right, but Ricoh is an example of how it can be done wrong. Either do it right or let it die.

I’m not sure what’s the real question here:

  1. Does Ricoh still offer their own media? Answer is yes.
  2. Does Ricoh still manufacture it in their own plants? Answer is no. And as Womi said, that’s no news.

So depending on what tense is [I]“Ricoh quit making”[/I] (past? present? Sounds like past, but then again…) and the meaning the webstore’s person actually put in this, he(she) can be either:

  1. Misinformed
  2. A liar (by laziness or with a purpose)
  3. Entirely correct

And of course, there is still the possibility that WE here are misinformed, and Ricoh would be about to quit offering their own media. Dakhaas?

Ricoh still produces media.
According to the resources i have they still produce CD-R media in Japan but these are not available on the market. Those discs are only available to the big recording studios.
Sometimes if you get lucky you will find some Ricoh MIJ of the current line on auctions but the retail price (MSRP) of the current Ricoh CD-Rs is about 7 to 8000Yen/disc (69 to 79US$) in jewel cases…