Did Old Disc Damage My New Drive?!

so i purchased a Lite-On LH-20A1H roughly a week and a half ago, maybe 15-20 burns max, and a few rips. enabled HyperTuning through ImgBurn and haven’t touched anything else. all burns, the befores & afters, were at 8x, with ImgBurn.

every burn i had done up until today was superb. exceptional quality burns, most even better than the following screen shot!

so today i put in a older MCC01RG20 i burned roughly 3 years ago that i wanted to scan and make a backup of.

what happened? well not a whole lot. the drive just kept spinning for a while and nothing happened. i couldn’t eject the tray, through pressing the button or software.

Nero CD-DVD Speed would not read the disc, ImgBurn would not read the disc. drive is still spinning and the green light is still solid. no abnormal sounds.

opened the disc with VLC and finally it stopped and played in VLC. shortly after VLC crashed, but the drive was no longer spinning, and i was able to read the disc in CD-DVD Speed and ImgBurn. i did a surface scan that went perfectly, and proceeded to make an image of the disc with ImgBurn; every thing went as it should. removed the disc and put in a fresh blank.

i shortly after burned the image and scanned it with CD-DVD Speed, what i saw shocked me. i thought, no way something is wrong with the drive, its brand new! must be due to the image…?

so i went ahead and did a second burn, different files, and to my disappointment, the burn was equally as bad. here is the second burn (ignore the date; it is the date the image was created. it was burned today.)

Update your firmware… thats too old. and find them on the global liteon page.

It is just possible that the disc you used was faulty or possibly contaminated in some way.
Try with a new disc perhaps of a different make. I cannot see how the disc you are copying could cause this problem.

In addition to the above suggestions, I suggest you use the SmartBurn tool (3.1.16t test version) to clear what HyperTuning “learned”, and instead of using HyperTuning, use Online HyperTuning (still actively checks the disc throughout the burn but doesn’t create a completely new strategy in the same way normal HT does–a method that Sony discs hate). If that doesn’t work, disable HT and OHT. Also, 12x may be better for your discs than 8x.

SmartBurn tool thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=177331
(note that the newer drives do work with the tool.)

i will not update the firmware because i am afraid a “global” firmware will invalidate my warranty. the firmware that came on the drive is the latest on the US Lite-On site. it also seems that it would be highly redundant as the drive has provided many excellent burns using the firmware that is on the drive.

the disc was also throughly cleaned with liquid soap and water, then thoroughly dried, and then cleaned again with a microfiber cloth before being inserted into the drive. physical containments on the disc would not be a possibility.

wallace0134, thanks for the suggestion, i will look into the tool you posted, try your suggestions and report back. do you have an official link from Lite-On (preferably a US link; again, not wanting to invalidate my warranty.)?


applying firmwares from an official website won’t affect your warranty. Also, Liteon Global website is more “official” than any national subsidiary.:wink:

Another thought: It is not impossible that your discs are just worse then previously. You wouldn’t be the first to find heavy media variation within a single pxk of discs.
Could you please try some other discs, preferably Verbatim DVD+R (MCC004)?


The Smart Burn tool that wallace0134 said to try will [U][B]NOT[/B][/U] invalidate your warranty in any way
because it doesn’t install itself in the drives firmware. The only way that I know you could
invalidate your warranty would be flashing trial or modified firmware on you drive or opening up
the drives case. :slight_smile:

You took the words out of my mouth :flower: . It is a standalone tool that sends commands to the drive to (de)activate the features already available in all firmware revisions. And since these are official firmwares, you should be in no danger whatsoever of voiding the warranty.

EDIT: here is a Google search for a link to the official Smartburn tool. The first link will be to the US LiteOn site, and a link to the global site which hosts the same non-test version of the tool, just to help reassure you. :wink:

many thanks to getit29 and especially wallace0134!

i disabled HyperTuning & cleared the OPC history with SmartBurn, then flashed with the LL0C firmware & restarted.

following scan speaks for its self i think. burned at 12x. :slight_smile:

That looks more like the 20A1H and D21 is supposed to look. Nice solid score of 95, only .01 PIF average, and no PIE spikes greater than 10, with everything nice & even across the disc. That’s the way to go. :clap:

Glad to see that turning off HT worked out for you. :cool: [It took me forever to figure out that my D21 wasn’t burning well after so long because of HyperTuning (and, if you ever get any, Sony’s 16D1 DVD-R follows the same rule).]