Did not knew that even this was illigal

oops did not knew that even this was illigal its only the driver file…but if anybody wants it just pm:)

and in the thread above you have list there a a lot of firmware files and also modified firmware files to overlcock 24x to 32x well thats illigilal to or am i wrong ?:slight_smile:

Sssshhh. Keep quiet or Da_Taxman will get me.

I know that some of them may be illegal since they are modified. I’ll discuss this issue with the rest of the crew and remove those that is modified if needed.

And note that flashing with modified firmwares woids your warranty :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe ok sorry :slight_smile:

Modifying software is in its strict sense illegal.

Don’t know how the respective companies look upon it when their firmware is modified so it supports certain extras or software is enables certain features. I can understand this is something they are against, but perhaps they condone it up to a point. (as long as it is applied to licensed software)

Wish someone from the respective companies would let CD Freaks know how they feel about this.

The bin files should not be a problem since they are not modified in any way. pflash and MTKflash should not be a problem either.

It’s the modified windows firmwares that may be a problem. They are modified to work with other drive models than originally designed for.

Most companies won’t like that people buy the slower model and then modifies it to be a faster model. The slower model is cheaper so they looses some money because people buy the slower model and not the faster model…

I’ll leave it as it is for now, but I will consult some of the owners of this site and hear what opinion they have.

OC-Freak, you might want to check if posting patches to a driver is illegal too… Like generating a winpatch or something of the original driver and posting that… The troubles is that when posting the modified driver directly, you’re distributing software that’s not your own… A patch only distributes your own modifications… So maybe it can work this way…

Trust me I’ve already discussed this matter with Da_Taxman and the owners of this site and we all came to the conclusion that it was not allowed. Anything that modifies the original software code can’t be allowed. Sorry we can’t allow that here.

u’ve got PM, crackerrw :slight_smile:

wow ! 8 pm messages i did not even knew that i had them sorry but i will answer alll today