Did not get PlexTools with my DVD drive =(

I got my drive with the computer and did not get a CD for the 708 writer
I want to use it to unlock the 2x DVD reading problem.
Can anyone post a mirror or link where I could download…or PM me a link?

I think you can do this with pressing and holding the eject button for a few seconds (until you see the LED flashing). But, anyhow, there’s an old thread of how to do it (install Plextools from the upgrade found in Plextor’s site). Use search to find it, I’m sure it’s there.

Ah, I’m in good mood today… http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=57441

Might also want to take a look at… http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=49767

Hrm, ok I found out how to install upgrade, but where in the program is option for faster read? I found the one option under ADVANCED under Drive settings…I found that “speedread” option but its greyed out =(
is there somewhere else or something else I do to change it?
oh and under general options under the Velocity settings my DVD speed drop down optoin box is also greyed out =(

That option is only for the 712A not the 708A with Plextools, if you want the 708A to read faster, hold down the eject button until the light gives a little flash then insert what ever you want it to read but you will have to do it everytime you insert a new disc

ah…see the FAQ said the 708 plextools could do too…guess its wrong =( oh well, guess Im stuck with holding it down =P
Thanks all for ur help =)

the FAQ said the 708 plextools could do too

Where did you read this?

Last time I checked, PlexTools v2.15 could use the SpeedRead DVD option for the Plextor PX-708A drive… Which version are you using amdking?

You need firmware v1.07 (or later) to be able to enable SpeedRead for your PX-708A with PlexTools.

I have PlexTools 2.16 and I have firmware 1.07 and that option is greyed out with mine, but it is not greyed out with my 712

I cant do it either and I have the 1.07 Firmware and Plextools 2.16

Since the SpeedRead function only works for DVD’s (for PX-708), it should become available as soon as you insert a DVD disc.

@ PlexFreak

Thanks for the info, I did not know that would happen. I don’t use the speed read, I use a Toshiba to read all of my DVD and the Plex just for burning.

@ amdking

Sorry for giving wrong info, I did not know you had to have a DVD in the drive for it to become ungreyed. The 712A does not have to have a disk in the drive, but I understand the reason why.

They removed the links to the files in that other thread. Could anyone PM me the link to get Plextools? Thanks.

Try the link pafan mentioned. The Plextor FAQ should be able to answer your question.

I saw the FAQ before, but I didn’t see that there were other links besides the first one. Thanks.