Did ND-3500A ever have these specs?

There is a 3500A on eBay, and the Seller insists that these are the specifications listed on the box:

CD / DVD read speed-- 40x (CD) / 12x (DVD+R) / 12x (DVD-R)
CD / DVD write speed-- 40x (CD) / 8x (DVD+ R) / 8x (DVD-R)
CD / DVD rewrite speed-- 24x (CD) / 4x (DVD+R) / 4x (DVD-R)

It was manufactured in China in October 2004. He also said that it is a single layer burner!

I am totally confused–I thought the 3500A was the first 16x dual layer made by NEC. Am I wrong? Is it possible that there were some 3500A’s that were single layer, 12x burners? Defies logic!

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doesn’t sound like a 3500. And NEC is manufactured in Malaysia most of the time not China.

I agree, certainly not a ND-3500 with specs like those. Or any NEC drive.

This are LiteOn 812 specs.

Here’s the link:


If it’s a Lite-On, at least it can do error scans :frowning:

That is, indeed, the eBay link. I wrote to the Seller, asking him to confirm the model number on the drive itself, as well as the date of manufacture. Here is his response:

The model number on the unit is ND-3500A. It was manufactured in China in October of 2004. I did a key word search and visited NEC’s web site in December of 2004 and those were the specs of this unit at that time. The box that it came in lists the specs that are presented in my listing on EBAY. Apart from that, I agree with you that there is a mix up some where but for my part I am not overselling what I have.

He seems to be a nice person, and I am inclined to believe that he is sincere, but I can’t imagine that he actually found these specs on NEC’s website! And where on earth could he have bought something labeled as a 3500A that is in fact a Lite-On? I didn’t ask him if the box is also labeled “NEC.” I am going to let him know your opinions–he really should change his listing. I would have been upset if I had bid and won this auction, only to discover that I had something other than an NEC–which is why I wrote him for clarification in the first place! I believed that it was supposed to be a 16x dual layer burner. Thanks for confirming!


He is obviously confusing something or screwing something up.

Ask him for a pic or a scan of the sticker on the top of the drive.

Good suggestion, Wes. I had thought about doing that before Dee agreed that this does not sound like a 3500A. Since I have no intention of bidding, I don’t feel that I can impose any more than I already have. He didn’t include any kind of picture with his description, so he either doesn’t have that capability, or he isn’t interested in showing exactly what the drive looks like. The last time I checked, the bidding had reached $31. I hope all of the bidders realize the limitations of the drive he is selling, and that they aren’t expecting a true 3500A! I finally managed to buy two 3500A’s, so I’m not hurting for one right now. If it had been the “real deal” I might have bid anyway, since they aren’t making any more of them! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses!


n/m i see you found 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

How funny! You must have deleted the post I was trying to respond to, because it is gone!

To answer your original question: No, I have not checked Office Max here in Austin, because I figured that with all of the CD-Freaks we have running around in this town, they would have snapped them all up! I guess I really shouldn’t assume.

Even though I did find two NEC 3500A’s, I wouldn’t mind having a Mad Dog, too, especially since bitsetting is available without the necessity of flashing the firmware. There is an Office Max right around the corner from my house, so I guess I really should go up there and rummage around to see what they have. :slight_smile:



Sorry…That is what i said though to check OM and see. They have 1 left here at my local store. Be careful not to confuse with the A2 aka 3520.

Finally made it to Office Max today. They do have 5 of the 16xDVD9 Mad Dogs on the shelf! At least, the boxes are marked 16XDVD9. They are priced at $84.99, but I talked the salesman into $70 for one, and I got the impression he would go even lower if I bought more than one. I also confirmed that he would allow me to open the box and check the label to make sure it was not a 16xDVD9A2 before I bought it. I am still thinking about it–the 2 year warranty and bit-setting feature are very tempting. :slight_smile: I need to see what the online prices are first, though.


If you want an external drive, some of the new Memorex 16x16 external USB2 + firewire drives are based on the NEC ND-3500AG.
They can also be LiteOn 1673S drives though, but the picture on the box should indicate the type of drive that you are getting.
Bezel with eject button only = NEC
Bezel with headphone jack + volume knob = LiteOn