Did my first burning

I burned a couple movies for the first time and am wondering if burning would mess up your DVD rom. I’m not sure but my Computer isn’t recognizing my DVD Rom. I try and place a CD into my DVD rom and nothing happens. I’m not sure if this happened after I burned these two movies or a day or so after I did the burning. This might be a pointless question but I figured I’d ask and see if anyone had this problem after they burned a movie, or did my DVD rom just sh*t the bed… Thanks for the info…

welcom to the forum. sorry to hear about your problem. this should not happen.

do you see your drive in ‘my computer’? if so then maybe your autu-run has been turned off? could you provide some more info? are you using windows, if so what version? what are your computer specs? what programs are you using? do you know how to access any of the logs from your programs? useful information can be obtained from the logs. let us know more and im sure this can be fixed.

thanks troy

First what kinda burner do you have and its’ firmware? Also what kinda move is it and what media type did you use to make the burn? What software are you using to do to create the image and burn the image? Also is your burner on the same computer as your dvd-rom drive? If so your move should be fine playing from your burner. Also what is your booktype are you using and what media are you using like -R or +R??? Also media brand and type do make a difference if you get a good or bad burn and also burn speed should be at max burn speed.

For 16x discs I personally wouldn’t burn at Max speed - 8x or 12x does it for me.

For 8x discs, slightly different, if they’re quality discs I burn those at the rated 8x. :wink:

ops, the last part should’ve said don’t burn at max speed rather turn down the burn speed to improve the burns. Also take advice from Arachne on burning speed but also note the media quality does matter alot as well. But that some places your also limited to what media you can purchase as well so go with what you can get at that point but slow down the burn speed to get better results.

Thats the thing I can’t see my DVD rom drive in ‘My Computer’ I opened it up and wires seem good. I’m using Windows Vista Home. AMD Athlon 64 X@ Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2.00 GHz, 1023 MB Memory, 32 bit operating System. When I burned these movies I used DVD Fab, DVD Shrink 3.2, and Nero. I’m not sure what Logs are. My burn came out good, I’m not sure what type of burner I have but its a DVD multi recorder, RW, DVD +R DL. I think my drive just crapped the bed but thats my system hope it helps. If I missed something its because I don’t know what its is… Thanks for your info I hope it helps… Matt

It doesn’t show in My Computer, but does Device Manager see it? Under CD/DVD drives or whatever (can’t recall the category in Vista, I’m using XP).

In Device Manager CD/DVD drive would be under Disk drives right if so no its not there or under anything in device manager.


Hmmm. If it’s an SATA drive, is it under SCSI CDROM or something like that?

Check thoroughly through your Device Manager to see if it’s under another category.

Edit: In XP at least, disk drives is where your HDDs are listed.

Nothing under any of the thing in Device Manager. Is there anything else I could do. My dvd rom has power, tray opens but nothing plays. And like I said be4 it doesn’t show up under ‘My Computer’. What else you thinking if any. Thanks again…

Does it show up in the PC’s BIOS? When you boot up. :slight_smile:

If not, a fresh cable may do the trick (IDE or SATA depending on what your DVD drive is).

unplug your drive and rebooting your computer. wait for awhile and power down and reconnect making sure all cables have good connections. and reboot again.

hopefully its just some bad cables. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I’m at work right now will do this tomarrow morning when I get up and let you know if it works. Thanks again.

I checked out my Bios and seen nothing but when the Rom will boot. Where would it be inside Bios. Not sure where to look…

Ok so I reboot my PC and when window opens I see this green check mark down on my task bar near my clock. I bring my mouse over it and it say safely remove programs. I open it up to see what it is and I get this…

[U]WDC WD1600YS-01SHB1 SCSI Disk Device…[/U]
So I google What I have underlined and this is what I read, http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=5314001&tstart=0 Does this have anything to do with my DVD rom. I don’t know a lot about computers but to me this is why my PC isn’t reading my drive… What do you think…

Reopened device manager and seen Lite-ON DVDRW LH-18A1P ATA Device. ok now that thats there again, I found this in Windows problems and solutions…

Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in registry) is incomplete or damaged (Code 19) Doesn’t sound good to me but what do I know… BS… Thanks again if you can help me very much appreciate it…

okay its getting better. so now you can see your dvd drive in device manager. does it show up in my computer? what did you do to get it to show in device manager?

there is a registry fix that can be performed with guided help from microsoft. i just want to be sure this is what needs to be done before having you perform these steps.

thanks troy

To get it to show up i my device manager I did what you told me to. I unplugged the drive rebooted and waited a few minutes, plugged it back in and booted my PC again. No the drive isn’t in the ‘My Computer’ section… How do I know if the registry fix is what I need… Thanks

this is what i was looking for

  1. You cannot access the CD drive or the DVD drive by using My Computer.

  2. One of the following error messages appears when you view the CD drive or the DVD drive in Device Manager:

microsoft has a fix for you here. the title says error code 31 however if you read on it explains also valid for error code 19. let us know if this works.

good luck, troy