Did my eyes decieve me.?

Or did i see womble posting today in the LIVING ROOM!!!

Has he been posting in a dying room? :slight_smile:

sorry, an erroneous post

i think hes been too wrapped up in that massive computer to find time for us LR posters…

Ha bumhug …

His massive size brain has grown so large, he’s been spending most of his time pushing it back through his ears with cotton buds :stuck_out_tongue:

wow you have more posts than me yahy! wow u must post mre times sdy than me

See now you got yourself intoxicated just because of a commercial gimmick :bigsmile:

^^^ drugged out hippy tripping ^^^


People reserve the right to be hippy’s no matter what nationailty, race or creed they are.

Last time I looked, a hippy was someone that dressed rather flamboyantly, was drugged out most of the time, demanded more rights, but contributes nothing positive to society, except maybe comic relief & an opportunity for police to release all that pent up negative energy.

Explain how that is rascist?


Ben…you been drinking tonight???

The unspoken words in the previous line.


Sure, feeling ok now though. Shit its 2:19 and I still can’t sleep.

Welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous (under-age division).

Do they have one?

You tell me :wink:

You ought to count the clubbed baby seals. Puts me to sleep everytime. :slight_smile:

The fabled Womble (a.k.a “Susan”) is known by many, yet only seen by a few. He only shows himself on moonless nights during Wombledon. The Wombledon was discovered by a english scientist with a funny beard and to shield it from the outside world he organized a tennis tournament to take place at the very same time as the Wombledon, cleverly disguised as the “Wimbledon”.

Air his/her name is Cindy…geeze ya’ll people forget easily don’t ya?