Did LG give up GSA-4168b?

When 4167 was announced the press news referred a 4168 with LightScribe.
A drive with this facility came with a lower reference number, but no signal about 4168.
Any idea about this being left behind and the same about an external drive with both firewire and USB?
Will LG just sell the 2166 with USB in the future, so no follower of the 5163?

Check out this:


It seems there will be a 4168 in the next weeks/month!?

At the moment, at least in Europe, LG sells GSA-2166D, what concenrs external drives, as newest available.

Yes you’re right, the prob is that it only comes with USB 2 connection and no firewire.
Maybe for some people this is not important but its a shame if this means they are giving up using firewire.
In my case I do need it - first because I prefer for video purposes and second because I’ve a machines without USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 it is too slow.
By the way, with HDD firewire is faster than USB 2.0 for large files and it doesn’d share the band with the other connected devices as USB.

I agree with you what concerns Firewire vs. USB 2.0, but the new model I have mentioned comes only in USB 2.0 version. And still, it works great! :wink:

I bought a GSA 4166 and placed it in an external USB / Firewire Case with Prolific Chipset. Until now I did not have any problems with it…

The only thing it the drive doesnot work with the latest Panasonic/BHA driver :sad:

That´s real nasty, because it have an Matsushita-chipset (Panasonic)