Did I screw up or what? 2500A

I tried to flash with herries firmare beta 5. I booted up the CD. went into dos however when i pressed -out command to create the backup bin file it would give me an error. Like bin not found so i took a gamble and installed herries anyway… dvd info pro now says i have 1.07 however bfore i also had 1.07… did it work how can i find out for sure? and am i in trouble for not creating the bin file?

Yes you flashed successfullly. :smiley:
Look at the extra info field.

Extra Info    HV2B5DLBS

It’s not a big deal that you didn’t backup your original firmware.
There are plenty of sources to obtain the original firmware if needed!
Enjoy your new burner!

i love u wesociety thx for info… yeah looked around Danger Bros have the firmware =) cool… now i need to actually buy some DVD+Rs… also small question PIF erros do show up when u read discs on NEC 2500A i read somewhere that they dont … thats not true right?

try reading the faq your answer is in there.