Did i overloaded the power supply?

hi there, i finished building my new pc but there seems to be a problem with putting 2X sticks of identical SAMSUNG 512mb DDR2 ram onto the new motherboard as doing so the mobo bios would not load at all and the pc would also always automatically restarts after exactly 5 secs of doing nothing.

the mobo ia a P5KPL-AM-SE


my friend says that 2 sticks of DDR2 ram won’t work together because the mobo only has 2 slots for ram, he says that i should have bought another mobo with 4-6 slots for it to work, is he right?

could it be that i’ve overloaded the power supply?

the power supply says [ input = 230V AC50hz ], however the label inside says that its maximium power is 350Watts, i’m so confused!

currently running on the following:

1X PentiumD 2.0ghz E2180
1X SATA II HDD 160gb
1X samsung 512mb DDR2 ram
1X cd combo drive from 2008 (data cable plugs to sata slot on mobo)

1X intel cpu fan
1X chasis rear fan

No PCI-E graphics card nor any PCI components of any kind

both ram tested to be 100% working, but if the 2 of them are running together then the mobo won’t boot, it just spins the fans and stays in idle mode for 5 secs and then it restarts.

please help me! thank you so much!

edited: is there a significance between volts and watts? because i don’t live in North america region, my old desktop from canada has a really tiny switch in the back of the PSU that allows it to alternate between 120 power (canada) and 230 power (where i live now)

My new brandless PSU:
outside the label reads "input 230 Volts
inside another label reads "Maximum 350 Watts

so what does it mean?

When building a computer you have to be very patient and meticulous. Memory is very important, but you do have to read the Owners Manuel. You have two slots for Memory, but adding more than one Stick requires they be matching pairs. Your Motherboard has two slots and maxes out at 4Gb, and you need 2 PC2 - 6400 - DDR2 - 800Mhz 2Gb Sticks. You can also use PC2 - 5300 - DDR2 - 667Mhz. If you want to use less RAM the Sticks have to match in size. If you are using 512Mb in one slot you have to use 512 in the second slot. By today’s standards your Power is low, but depending on what you want to run it should work. For now just make sure your Memory is working. :cool:

Thats not totally true that the memory has to be matched. As long as they support the common speed and latency and are given a voltage that they both will work with.

Now the PSU. Since your PSU has a switch on the back to flip between 110V and 220V you have to make sure you set that to whatever you power company supplies. So you’ve set it to 220V then your fine. Now volts and watts are different so don’t try to compare them directly. You set the voltage and the PSU is capable of putting out 350W which is plenty for your computers specs.

To fix your RAM problems I have two suggestions. First is to run the PC with one stick and then download the latest BIOS for your MB. Flash the latest bios and then try the second stick again. If it doesn’t work then boot the PC again with one stick of ram and enter the BIOS, go to the memory settings and raise the voltage going to the memory, your DDR2 should run at like 1.8V, you can first verify that the voltage is close to 1.8V, if it is then raise it a tiny amount, to something like 1.82V and then boot the PC with the second stick of ram. You can try again and raise the voltage if the second stick was still unsuccessful until you get to about 1.9V.

If the memory does boot, you should make sure its 100% stable by running Memtest86+ (free download) you make a bootable CD and let it run for 30-60min to make sure there are no errors.

Your friend telling you to buy another MB is :rolleyes: wrong, it should run fine with two sticks.

I agree that your buddy is wrong on the RAM. :iagree:

To add to the great advice already given:

In at least one of my PCs, I have only two RAM slots - I have a stick of Samsung 1GB DDR2 in each, the RAM is running in Dual Channel mode and does the trick very nicely, thankyou :wink:

Only one more thing to add re: the PSU - what brand is the one you have, out of curiosity?

I had a Pentium D myself (3.4GHz though), and they can get terribly hot, and they use a fair bit of juice compared to CPUs on the market these days.

I killed a (FSP) 350W PSU myself with that, although admittedly I was running Folding@home at the time with both CPU cores maxed out…so just something to be aware of - especially the heat thing.

EDIT: Ah, I see your PSU is “brandless” - there’s definitly no brand name of any sort on it?!

[QUOTE=alchav21;2600298] If you want to use less RAM the Sticks have to match in size. If you are using 512Mb in one slot you have to use 512 in the second slot. [/QUOTE]No you don’t, You only need matching pairs for dual channel mode.

I suggest you do as eric93se said and test that your system boots up ok with each stick of ram by themselves, If it does update your bios with the “Asus Update” application that is on the disc that came with the mobo.

We need to hear from the OP, but his ASUS MB is Dual Channel and it’s recommended to use matching pairs of Memory. I have been building Workstations for many years, and my Systems always run very solid. I just go by the Specs and Recommendations. :cool: