Did I mess up?

I just purchased a Samsung burner S184M and after installing it said to go to live update and it would automatically check for a new firmware update and install.
What i found out it installed the update for the S182M burner .
I had F/W version SB01 and it installed SB02.
Did I hurt the performance of my burner?

No I think you are all right. Take a look at this thread;

Dee’s 184M is identified as a 182M.
Where did you pick up your 184M?

Thanks for the reply.
I purchased it 11/14/06 @ Best Buy on sale for $80.
Looked like a great deal burned CDR 52x at 48x haven’t tried DVD yet.
Not sure if i’m interested in the Lightscribe feature.

IIRC, all of Samsung’s external versions of their internal drives all end in the number 4. So it’s just the S182M in an external case.

Yep, that seems to be so. :wink: