Did I make a good purchase?

Hey folks first post! I was recommended Taiyo Yuden cdrs by a friend and bought them recently (waiting on them to arrive) I was reading here about how they’re are fakes around and I’m wondering if you can tell me if these are genuine and if I got a good deal (are there “better” discs out there for about the same price)?
Here’s the link



Hi, welcome :slight_smile:

This will probably be moved to the main Blank Media forum, as this section is for tests only.
Rima are widely used around here, I’m guessing the discs are the real deal. :slight_smile:

No need to guess, these are genuine, the best, and at a good price.

Thanks guys, one more question. They are 52X and my burner is 48X, is that ok and what speed do you recommend burning at?

Depends on what burner you have. 32x is a pretty universal speed for max quality.

I prefer 24X but you should be fine at 48X if you really want to.

I usually prefer to burn @ 32x for data, and 16x for audio. But as you can see, we all have our preferences. :slight_smile:

me too! :smiley:

I guess I am a$$ backwards then, I do data at 16x and music at 32X

Any particular reason why?