Did I make a good purchase MIJ?



Thanks to all of you I am now very picky when it comes to buying blank disks and will try to find MIJ discs if possible. I don’t do much burning, but I have made a couple of purchases and was wondering what you guys thought about what I have recently gotten…

For CD-R’s I bought 2 25 pack spindles of Maxel CD-R Pros MIJ (TY) :bow:

I bought 2 five packs of Apple 8x DVD-R’s MIJ (Maxell)

and I bought 2 five packs of Sony 16x DVD-R’s MIJ (Sony D16)

What are your thoughts on this media (please give me your thoughts both positive and negative)

As far as burners go, my home computer has an LG CD writer and my laptop has an LG DVD DL burner. These are just what came with them, and there aren’t going to be any upgrades anytime soon.

So far I have never had any issues or coasters using any type of media (Ritek and Prodisc mostly) :Z on these, but of course all of you have got me thinking. I will use the good media for important things, and will use the MIT media for garbage and throw away burning.

Like I said I would like to hear your opinions.


Have you searched the forum?


While most MIJ media IS good, it’d be a mistake to simply think MIJ=awesome, MIT=average to poor. I’d use a good batch of MIT media such as Verbatim or 8x CMC just as quickly as your typical MIJ media for example. Not that there’s anything wrong with the discs you listed as they should work well.


Disk n00b, please don’t generalize about MIJ and MIT media. For example, CMC Magnetics produce great Verbatim (Mitsubishi) discs [U]in Taiwan[/U]. And CMC-made MCC 004 (Verbatim 16x DVD+R) discs are thought to be the best 16x media ever made yet. But made in Japan 16x DVD+Rs by Taiyo Yuden (YUDEN000 T03) give more troubles to people sometimes.


Most made in Japan media you can find outside of japan will be better than just any Taiwan media. Those discs should be fine.

Oh and this is @ jig66666, disc n00b can’t help generalizing since he is after all, a disc n00b :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the quick replys,

yes camellote - i did search, but didn’t find much on those and i don’t quite understand those cd/dvd speed graphs yet.


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Apple gave me 3 posts

Sony 16d gave me like 5

I only look in titles.


You bought quality media, yes.


You bought good media, but you probably paid too much money. Apple DVD-Rs are way overpriced, and Maxell CD-R Pros are unneccessary, when cheaper Fuji MIJ CD-Rs are available.

I agree with sccoobiedoobie about 8x CMCs, yet the problem is that 8x media has almost disappeared from retail shelves, save for the occassional pack of Nexxtech at Circuit City. It’s nice to say that something is good, but if you can’t find it easily, it can be a bit frustrating and pointless.


Quite true of MIJ media as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


Apple MXLRG03 may be expensive, but my goodness is it some premium quality media. It’s on par with the exclusive Mori Media and Media Box MXLRG03 disc made on special lines sold only in Japan, which has a very high per disc price, but to some people it is worth it for the quality.


So equivalent to the BQ/Protek media in quality.


From what I’ve seen, yes.


Well, other than the fact that the Apple media lacks a hardcoat, yes.


Touche. Maybe we should just say Verbatim is the answer for everything retail these days. 8x media is gone. MIJ media is gone. 16x Verbs are the only thing left.


A 5-pack of Apple 8x DVD-Rs at Fry’s Electronics cost $15.

A 5-pack of Maxell 8x High-Grade DVD+Rs at Wal-Mart cost $10.

The Apple DVDs have no hardcoat protection, the genuine Maxells do.

The Apple DVDs are MXLRG03s, the Maxells are MAXELL003s.

I’ll take the Maxell High-Grades if I need the good stuff. Same quality and way cheaper and easier to obtain than BQs.


Personally I find MXLRG03 to be a better MID than MAXELL002.


Taiyo Yuden is still readily available online :stuck_out_tongue: And then there’s ebay, I have a 100 disc pack of Maxell Medical-grade 8x DVD-Rs on the way, MIJ. Most likely they will be of the same quality as the Apple discs.


He was talking about media you buy in physical stores, not online.