Did I kill my dvd player?



I have a yamaha dvd-s510 – I put in a dvd+R that I had just burnt (Ghost Rider) and it loaded okay and then went to main menu. When I pressed play the tv screen went blank and read “disc error” on the tv as well as on the dvd player. Then the tv flashed a bright pink colour a few times and then the dvd player turned off. Now I can’t get the dvd player to turn on (the disc is still in it)–I have unplugged it and retried it but it still won’t power on.

I’ve played many burnt discs before and had no problems-- was this just a coincident or did this disc fry my player? Is there an easy fix for this–like a reset function or is the player garbage now?


Probably just a coincidence. It could be a burned out power supply, bad capacitor, or something similar.


After letting it rest for a while, I plugged it back in and started pushing some buttons, I got into the troubleshoot codes and it now displays “DLA ERROR” and I can hear what sounds like the disc trying to spin but can’t.

any ideas what this means and how to fix it?


No. Maybe Yamaha will be able to help if you call them, or if you don’t have the instruction manual you can probably download it off of their site. I have one of their receivers and they had all sorts of instruction manuals on their site, it may mention what that code means.


I really wonder where that is from…
According to the net ressourcs I have seen is this not realeased yet!


[B]Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has officially announced the Ghost Rider DVD for a release on June 12:[/B]