Did I just kill my drive?

I have an iHAS424B and an iHBS212-2. I was changing my iHAS to 624. I was tired, and I told myself to do it tomorrow but I didn’t listen. So I backed up the flash and eeprom from my iHAS, but not my iHBS212-2. I know, I should have backed them both up right away. Anyway, I flashed the iHAS, then I opened eeprom tool, and clicked convert drive… on the iHBS. I powered off the computer, and when I powered back on my BIOS was not able to see my hard drives. The optical drives were showing though. So, I unplugged the iHBS, and it immediately recognized my HDD and booted into Windows. Once booted I hot plugged in the iHBS. My “Computer” window stopped responding. I powered off the PC again and back on. Now it sees all drives. The iHBS read a DVD okay. My question is, did I do any damage to the iHBS by hitting convert drive? How can I test?

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Living on the edge with a little late-night crossflashing? Don’t worry, you’re not the first one :doh::). COdeKing did make his tools as safe as they could be, and you are probably fine. The “convert drive” function looks for a mismatch between the drive ID in the firmware and EEPROM and corrects it IF it exists. In your case, no mismatch should exist, and no changes would be made.

Does the drive still identify itself as iHBS212 2 in Discspeed or OptiDriveControl?

Hello deanwitty,

Thank you. Glad to be here. I appreciate you responding. That puts me at ease. The drive is correctly reported as iHBS212 2. Just downloaded that Opti Drive Control. Looks like a nice app. Just what I need to fully test it. Thanks!

You’re welcome. And you’re right, ODC will let you test the drive to help put your mind at ease. You might run transfer rate(read speed) tests on DVD and BD-R to ensure the drive is still reading up to par, and do a few quality tests on DVD/BD-R to get to know the tool. Using ODC for test burning DVD is fine, but it is less than ideal for BD-R test burning over 8x speed, better to burn them w/ Imgburn and then test their quality.

Did you succeed w/ the 424>624 crossflash?

Awesome, I’m gonna do that tonight. Will post results. Need to buy some BD-R media for that test first though.

Yes, my 424 is officially a 624:D Those tools rock!

I got a 50pk spindle of Optical Quantum 25GB BD-R from Newegg. I saw those SmartBlu from MediaMegaMall, but for 29.99 free shipping with good reviews I couldn’t pass these up. They seem pretty good too. So far 0 for 3 coasters. Ran some tests, and everything is looking good for my LiteON. :clap:

On another note, the mobo did it again. I turn on my PC and the HDDs were not showing up. I unplug the optical drives, and this time nothing. It was coincidence that it worked before. So, I thought maybe my SSD was dying (Crucial M4). I take it out and it shows up fine in another PC. Then I realize, I have a new 3TB Seagate in an Antec enclosure hooked up via eSATA. I think that was causing the problem all along. I disconnect that, put my SSD back in, and bingo. Anyway, time will tell. The LiteON looks like it’s gonna be okay though, so I’m happy. I’m attaching the test results if anyone’s interested.

ODC_iHBS212-2.zip (140 KB)

BluRay_IBG.zip (83 KB)

Thanks for letting us know what the snag was. Any chance you might have better luck by changing the mode of your E-sata controller in the bios?

Aw, Pete:sad: There are so many better choices than Optical Quantum. They are not too proud to package the sweepings off the factory floor. The quality of the OQ PHILIPR04(see here) that I tried were abysmal. And any that burned successfully were dead in less than a year. Be careful. You’ll notice that burn quality in that thread is all over the map.

Here’s a much better choice if you’re looking for the cheapest BD-R in the US that burns really well in Lite-ons.

Please post a quality scan or two of those Optical Quantums? Use 4x scanning speed. And use the “manage attachments” to upload the .png files so they can be seen?

[QUOTE=deanwitty;2668002]They are not too proud to package the sweepings off the factory floor.[/QUOTE]

Lol. That bad huh? Well, mine don’t seem to be as bad as the ones you got. See here. You really think they will be unreadable in a year?

Off subject, how do I find out where they were manufactured?

[QUOTE=mellopete;2668784]Lol. That bad huh? Well, mine don’t seem to be as bad as the ones you got. See here. You really think they will be unreadable in a year?

Off subject, how do I find out where they were manufactured?[/QUOTE]

That scan doesn’t look too bad. Glad you may have gotten some usable ones. I would keep an eye on future burns, see how consistent they are from disc to disc. And please rescan them in 6 months or so and let us know what you find?
Don’t hesitate to add more of your scans to the PHILIPS thread :slight_smile:

If you look back through that thread(post 36), you’ll notice that the PHILIPS BD-Rs with your hub/stamper code pattern are identified as “Made in China”. The made in India codes are distinctly different.