Did I get screwed - three times?

I bought a pioneer dvr-109 in an external case on ebay. Couldn’t get it to work over 1.7-1.8x speed regardless of the media, computer, or burning software. I sent it in and they claim to replace the pc board, same problem. I send it back and get it back with the same problem. I get a similiar, but different enclosure and this one can only write at 3x max. This one says usb 2.0 on it, the box, manual, etc. It should be working at 8x (my media speed).

Here is the kicker: I have an external enclosure for my hard drive. If I hook the dvd burner to that enclosure (it’s only made for a hard drive to mount in) and connect to my pc, the burner runs perfectly at full speed.

After all this replacing and countless shippings from CA to Hawaii, are they simply sending me junk? I’m frustrated after over two months I don’t have the working drive. I don’t know if I should file with paypal for a partial refund (for the enclosure and/or all the shipping charges) and just buy my own enclosure online. I’ve never had such a problem. The fact that my HDD enclosure will run it at full speed makes me think they are sending me junk. Just consider what i’ve tried, all the different medias, softwares and many computers, all the same… sigh… am i just getting burnt enclosures?


Enclosures are… iffy. But if the burner works flawlessly in your other enclosure, I’d say that they are, in fact, sending you crap enclosures. There’s a reason that some enclosures cost $20 and some cost $100.

Pioneer burners are also iffy.

Looks like a two iffy’s makes a catastrophe.

It depends on how you are willingly to read the instruction and follow them or not. Think about it. :wink:

Alright, thanks guys. The fact that it works flawless in my other enclosure will do it. I will file a paypal complaint for $30 shiping refund, or $70 refund depending if they want this junk back, else I’ll trash it.

appreciate the insight.

We aren’t saying that you were given a bad enclosure. Only certain enclosures work well with high speed optical drives. Maybe you got what you paid for. You need to make sure of that before you go filing complaints against anyone. Do some google searches on the make and model of your enclosure, and see what it’s limitiations are. If it didn’t meet those, then you have a ligitimate complaint. If it does, it’s your fault for not doing the research before buying.

Hi. The drive came with the enclosure as a bundle. They claim they sell all their drives in these external cases and have never had a problem. frankly, the drive and case they sent me dont work for sh|t. I’m just going to buy a quality case myself. Lesson learned, never buy combos for this type of thing. what are the odds if this is the only enclosure they use… but apparently the odds arent in my favor.

Good luck on trying to get much help from Ebay and/or Paypal if you used it. Long uphill road and you could have more problems then positive results.

I’ve been using a A09XL (retail DVD-109) for a couple months now. The speed and performance has been awesome. No coasters yet either.