Did I get scammed?



Hey Guys…
I ordered what I thought was going to be a beige NEC ND-3500A… I got the burner, installed it, checked under device manager and it is listed as a _NEC DVD_RW ND-3520A! Can someone clarify if this is the right drive or did I get scammed and need to do something about it? Thanks!



3520 is a different drive than a 3500


the 3520 is a newer drive than the 3500 with better specs. personally i would rather have the 3500 as it is a mature drive with kick but write quality. where did you buy it?


I ordered from http://www.pcmicrostore.com/ … get this, just called and they said "We sent you the 3520 because we are out of stock of the 3500… what jerks. I have to return the drive now. Does anyone know a reliable source to get a REAL 3500A? Thanks!



I’d take the 3520, it’s a newer model. L & D are working on it.


strange they have a perfect score on bizrate…3500’s are very hard to find right now. maddog sells a rebranded version. i know that compusa sells them. regardless of my preference you may want to consider keeping the drive. it is getting better with every new firmware release, and it does have better specs. just some food for thought…


just checked on their pricing…if you keep the drive they owe you $4


All I really want to do is backup my DVDs using shrink/nero… How reliable is this drive for that? I am new to all this, but I would like to burn as fast as possible… is 16x realistic? Thanks you guys are a huge help!



as long as you use quality media you should be just fine. 16x media is still new and not widely available with the exception of verbatim 16x (at least in the us). their are a few types of 8x that will overspeed to 16x, but you are probably better off burning them at 12x for better quality (many brands will burn at 12x). the difference between 12x and 16x is about 30-60 seconds. check the media fourm… :wink:


Thanks, I love how helpful everyone is. I will give it a go with the factory firmware and my Ritek DVD-Rs… happy burning!



Keep the drive. It is NEC’s newest one available. 16x is possible for some media, especially YUDENT02 (supported at 16x with stock FW). Check out the modded FW by Dee-27. It also shows what media is speeded up.


lol…i can’t bring my self to reccomend ty anymore. i almost did but i just couldn’t.


Keep that drive and use Dee-27 firmware. :iagree:


Ill check out Dees firmware if you guys recommend it, thanks.



The 3520 uses a different chipset than the 3500. According to the review I read, it’s a departure from what was before and the 3520 represents a sort of evolutionary new step. Something about the 3500 not being able to be flashed to a 3520A but when the next NEC burner is brought out, if it uses this same chipset as the 3520, it may well be possible to flash the 3520A upwards and have it reflect the same attributes as the new drive.

Read this to become familiar with your drive:

NEC ND-3520A - Modified vs. stock firmware - Introduction

Read this to become more familliar with the firmware:
LD3520 Beta 3 (Liggy & Dee NEC ND-3520A firmware)



I wouldn’t be to upset with that mix up. As other folks have said 3500’s are slowly going out of stock now and the 3520 is maturing all the time - I believe it has potential to be a really good drive. Until it matures a bit more use quality media and you should be ok. I don’t think NEC is even producing the 3500 anymore so the 3520 is it from this point out other than back-stocks that certain companies have. I’d keep the 3520 in this case and if you would’ve waited for them to get a stock of 3500’s in you could’ve been waiting awhile. :slight_smile: